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Why Only Hamvi Seafoods?
 Return Policy
Fish is a perishable product with an extremely short life span. In this scenario, nobody in the industry takes a challenge of giving 100% guarantee of their product. Hamvi is different; therefore our customers have the benefit to return the fish if it is not fresh (refer to terms & conditions section to get more details).
Delivery at Your Door Step
Our customers enjoy fresh pick every day sitting right at home, without witnessing the market chaos, polluted lanes, contaminated containers, bullying vendors and soaring prices.
Best Price for Best Catch
We offer best value for money deals in line with the excellent quality product vis-a-vis market offer.
 Your Wish is Our Command
Our customers have an upper hand in choosing their most favoured cuts and slices, be it fillet, steaks or anything.
 Free delivery
And of course there is no extra cost for delivering the desired delicacies to our valued customers
 Zero Tolerance to any Deficiency or Inaccuracy
We do not tolerate any kind of deficiency, flaw or inaccuracy at Hamvi to ensure quality of highest standard. This is not just limited to the products. It is applicable on all the systems and processes that are involved while identifying the best catch, sourcing, sorting, cleaning, packaging, handling and delivering.
 No Middle man Policy
At Hamvi Sea Foods sourcing of fishes, prawns & crabs are directly done by us. We have the infrastructure and manpower to handle the business right from the port. We have a strict policy of eliminating any kind of involvement by any middle-man to ensure and secure the freshness of our products.
 Expert Team
It is known that there is no formal education in fishing industry. A person either inherits the required skills from their family businesses, or acquires them on the job through experience. We have carefully hired employees who come with the much needed expertise and an eye for detail through both these channels.
1. Seafood in your weekly diet = Good health
2. High in protein : Low in calories
3. Best in Omega 3 fatty acids : Best for heart
4. Low levels of cholesterol compared to any other non-vegetarian food
5. Low in sodium : good control on blood pressure
6. Rich source of minerals and vitamins
  • Pomfret
  • Rawas ( Indian Salmon)
    Rawas (Indian Salmon)
  • Surmai (king Fish)
    Surmai (king Fish)
  • Bombay duck  (Bombil)
    Bombay duck (Bombil)
  • Bangda (Indian Mackerel)
    Bangda (Indian Mackerel)
  • Sea Bass
    Sea Bass
  • Rohu
  • Tiger Prawns
    Tiger Prawns
  • Medium Prawns
    Medium Prawns
  • Small Prawns
    Small Prawns
Seawater Fish
Seawater Fish Seawater Fish
Seawater fish is a delight to have on your dining table. Whether it’s a family get together on a weekend or a party on-the-house with friends, it’s always a welcome.
Freshwater Fish
Freshwater Fish Freshwater Fish
Freshwater fish comes with its own unique taste. Its distinct quality of being flavourless, helps it ininfusing the herbs and spices extremely well to give fish lovers tender, juicy, and flavourful fish.
Prawns Prawns
Prawns are an all-time favourite for foodies. You will find them all around the year. It is a non-vegetarian delicacy which takes the least of preparation time and is easy to cook.