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Seafood has been an integral part of cuisine in India for non-vegetarians. The moment you hear sea food, your instinct says it has to be appetizing & enticing. However sea food lovers would agree, getting good quality sea food at the right price is not as convenient as it seems to be. At some point of time all of us have felt being deceived by the un-organized seafood market!

To tackle this unique challenge Hamvi Sea Foods came into existence in 2002. The journey began with Hamvi Sea Foods being the trusted online seafood supplier for high volume customers such as exporters, restaurants and hotels. This financial year Hamvi Sea Foods Pvt. Ltd. extended its delicacies to individual customers who can conveniently order fresh fish online from the comfort of their home, on the online store ‘hamviseafoods.com’.
We are sure the seafood products at our offering will match all kinds of palate, right from traditional favorites to exceptional delicacies.

We have a strong presence across India’s major ports in Mumbai and Gujarat with 8 branches, a factory outlet and a sales center. With a strong fleet of 135 experts at the ports for sourcing and 85 specialists at the factory outlet for processing, our work begins with the break of dawn every single day. 10 refrigerated vehicles ensure that Hamvi Sea Foods is never dependent on external sources for maintaining freshness of its product while transporting from one place to another. Our facilities follow prescriptive quality measures which are ISO certified (9001 : 2008 ).
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Vision – Why We Exist?
To serve sea food lovers across Mumbai.
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Mission – What Should We Do?
Provide finest quality sea food to ONE & ALL with state-of-the-art service at competitive price.
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Values – How Do We GeT There?
Our values define and denote who we are. These are the guiding principles that help all the employees, right from the CEO up to the delivery boy, to take actions and decisions that would be in harmony with our identity.
Being Honourable
At Hamvi ‘Being Honourable’ gives us three commandments to direct us in normal course as well as complex situations to stand for our brand. They are:
Accurate Measure
Always weight accurately, whether bulk or small quantity
Value for Money
Give the best price in the interest of our customer
Impeccable Products
Serve perfect quality sea food or don’t serve at all
Hamvi Values Flowchart
How Do We Do It?
Skilful Sourcing
Identifying the right quality fish is considered as the first and most important step at Hamvi Sea Foods. Our expertise comes into the picture at this stage itself. Each fish has to meet the set standards. Broadly the parameters include scrutinizing the product’s eye, gills, skin, belly, smell, level of stiffness, etc. We are able to follow this stringently as we source from 8 centers across the ports of Mumbai and Gujarat with several branches. At the same time people who are involved in the sourcing process are experts in this field.
Our sourcing standards are not limited to the products that we serve; it extends to the processes through which the fishes are caught. We deal with fishermen who are involved in using responsible methods for fishing to keep the product size and quality intact.

Systematic Sorting
We are a seafood supplier with 3000 sq. ft. facility with well-established process line. As soon as the fishes arrive at the facility it is immediately sorted. There is a probability of few sub-standard fishes finding its way in our containers during bulk purchasing. Sorting process ensures that such fishes and related waste are carefully separated and eliminated. This process requires swiftness and meticulousness. Our staff members at the facility are trained adequately to get onto this activity.

Conscious Cleaning
Advanced machinery is put to use for cleaning the fishes as well as the facility. However, human intervention cannot be eliminated completely. Therefore it is a trait that we look for in an individual at the time of hiring. Further through rigorous training and orientation it is embedded in each individual and cleaning consciousness is further sharpened. With this we can easily claim that we are one of the best seafood suppliers in Mumbai.

Watchful Weighing
Every packet is weighed with precision with equipment to ensure accuracy up to 100%. It is not just words; it is a value that is lived by each and every individual, every single day.

Careful Cutting
What is visible online is the same that the customers get. We have specialist who understand fish type and shape and accordingly which cut would be the best to extract maximum meat out of it. They are also well versed with various kinds of cuts like fillet, steaks, loins, etc. to serve as per our customer’s demand. This is to ensure each time the customer buys fish online is an experience.

Perfect Packaging
Since our entire facility is ISO certified our packaging also meets the set industry standard. The fish or prawns while on delivery are unscathed to ensure its superior quality and exquisite shape is well maintained so that our products are pleasing for all the senses, eyes, nose and palate. With Hamvi Sea Foods, buying seafood online will be far promising.

Delivery on Deadline
We firmly operate on timelines. Order once placed either on phone or online is delivered within the committed deadline.