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Freshwater Fish
Benefits of Sea Foods:
  • 1 Seafood in your weekly diet = Good health
  • 2 High in protein : Low in calories
  • 3 Best in Omega 3 fatty acids : Best for heart
  • 4 Low levels of cholesterol compared to any other non-vegetarian food
  • 5 Low in sodium : good control on blood pressure
  • 6 Rich source of minerals and vitamins
Freshwater fish comes with its own unique taste. Its distinct quality of being flavourless,helps it ininfusing the herbs and spices extremely well to give fish lovers tender, juicy, and flavourful fish. Hamvi Seafood’s freshwater fish’s versatile nature, enthuses the chef in you to experiment in variety of ways and enjoy different delicacies like Rohu, Palla, Basa and more.Let’s go cooking!

Hilsa / Palla
Hilsa / Palla
Betki (Indian Basa)
Betki (Indian Basa)