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One phrase that describes Pomfret best is ‘The King of Fish’. It’s white and clean look not only attracts the eyes but the silver shine on the firm body adds an appeal to it. Its flesh is one of the most tender and delicate meat that one can find. The spotless whiteness of the body is also reflected on the inside flesh. When you buy Pomfret online at Hamvi Seafood you can enjoy this extravagance.

The speciality of Pomfret is that each portion comes with limited calories and fat. Therefore eating it until the contentment of heart does not cause grave effect on health. The most commonly known health benefit is that it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases as it is rich in protein. It also aids in the development of brain as it contains high amount of omega 3 fatty acids. To gain maximum nutrients, it is advised that Pomfret should be grilled or steamed. However fried Pomfret is always a treat.