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Rawas (Indian Salmon)
Rawas is also known as the Indian Salmon. The appearance is unique with the perfect shading from dark grey at the top to a combination of light grey and silver around the main body and a blend of white with a tint of the beautiful peach-pink. A full grown Rawas leaves its mark with a shining glaze on its body. Bright bulgy eyes indicate its freshness.It comes with its distinguished flavour and is devoured at home as well as restaurants.

The moment you hear Salmon, the word ‘healthy’ starts ringing in the mind. The range of health benefit is vast. It begins with improving the heart function which reduces the risk of stroke, high blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, etc. Rich source of Omega 3 in Salmonis good for brain development andmemory improvement.Overall immunity and metabolism is boosted. It helps in production of collagen that adds freshness and vigour to the skin and helps in improving the quantity and quality of hair.Get your pack of health with fresh Salmon, online, only at Hamvi.

Last but not the least, experience a unique flavour by poaching it in olive oil and giving a dash of Indian spices.
Rawas (Indian Salmon)