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Surmai (King Fish)
Surmai is commonly known as King Fish. The fish is uniformly grey-silver in colour with a hint of grey spots creating a pattern unique to itself. The shape of this fish adds character to its identity.The fleshy centre body when gets tapered towards both the ends,with a fine opening for its mouth and intense eyes gives an edgy look and dictates attention.

This fish is recognized for its extra lean protein to help fulfil your daily protein requirement to a good extent. Omega 3 in fresh Surmai plays a number of roles;inflammation regulation in body, cell functioning improvement and lowering the risk of cardio vascular and related diseases. It contains all the tree essential ‘B’ vitamins which are involved in playing a critical role of converting food into energy.

Surmai is an all-time favourite at restaurants. You can extract the best taste at home by marinating it instead of directly using it.
Surmai (King Fish)