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Guide to check freshness
One of the values at Hamvi Seafood is to provide the best and freshest seafood to our customers. We want our customers to be aware of the quality of seafood they buy vis-à-vis the price they pay. It is in this endeavour that we present our ‘Guide to check freshness’ of fishes to help our customers understand seafood better, make right choices and do not get bullied, today and always!
General Guidelinesby appearance
General Guidelines by appearance
» Skin:
bright & shiny   
» Eyes:
clear & bulgy   
cloudy or sunken
» Smell:
fresh / seaweed   
sour / ammonia
» Gills:
discoloured / brown
» Fillet:
firm & shiny   
Guidelines by touch
Guidelines by touch
» Flesh of the whole fish should spring if pressed, not sink
» The belly of the fish should be stiff, not soft
Storage condition at home
Storage condition at home
» After purchase, seafood should be immediately put on the ice or in the refrigerator
» Refrigerate it if it will be consumed on the same day
» Freeze it in a freezer after wrapping it in a plastic or foil paper, if it will not be consumed on the same day
Specifics for frozen seafood
Specifics for frozen seafood
» Open or crumpled packets should not be bought.
» Packs with ice crystals indicates extended frozen time or re-frozen (frozen-thawed-frozen), therefore should not be bought.
» Frozen packs stored on the edges of the freezer have a good chance of getting spoilt, therefore should not be bought.
Specifics for frozen seafood
Preparation time handling
» Thawing:
Frozen seafood is best when thawed slowly where the temperature decreases gradually. For this you can shift it from the freezer to the refrigerator the previous night. For quick thawing wrap the seafood in a plastic bag and immerse it in the cold water.

» Cooking:
Seafood cooks faster than any other meat. At times it might be difficult to understand the difference between cooked and over-cooked seafood. Here are few tips
ο Flesh of fish will be opaque when cooked and easily separable with a fork.
ο Flesh of prawns will be opaque and pearly when cooked and juicy when eaten.
ο The shells of shell fish will open up when cooking. Discard the un-opened ones.